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ISIS threatens Turkey, calls for ‘revolt’ against president

By Rudaw 19/8/2015
President Erdogan. AP file photo.
President Erdogan. AP file photo.

ISTANBUL, Turkey – The Islamic State group has threatened Turkey and called for the overthrow of the Turkish president, weeks after Ankara declared it was aligning itself with the United States in the war against ISIS.

Turkish newspapers reported Wednesday that a Turkish member of ISIS has called for the “conquest” of Istanbul and slammed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for helping the Western “crusaders.”

The militant also attacked Turkey’s outlawed Kurdistan Workers´ Party (PKK), calling them “atheists.” He also attacked the Free Syrian Army (FSA), calling them “secularists.” Both groups have been fighting the jihadis in Syria.

The Turkish Hurriyet Daily News reported that the ISIS threats came in an undated video shared on jihadi social media sites on Monday. An unidentified jihadi is seen speaking fluent Turkish in the video, his threats interspersed with sporadic recitation of Arabic prayers and Quranic verses.

Referring to Erdogan, the speaker warns: “He did not rule by the laws of God. He befriended Americans; Jews, crusaders, atheist PKK members, Atatürk’s secular friends, the FSA and the apostate spies of the (Saudi Arabian) Saud family.”  

Accusing Erdogan of “becoming a servant primarily to protect his seat that he was about to lose,” the militant calls on the “people of Turkey to revolt,” and for the conquest of Istanbul.

One month ago a bomb, that Turkish authorities blamed on ISIS, killed 33 pro-Kurdish activists in southeastern Turkey.
The video was posted after Ankara agreed last month to let US warplanes use its Incirlik air base and declared it is fully joining the US-led coalition to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq. 

US warplanes carried out their first air strikes on ISIS targets in Syria after taking off from the key İncirlik Air Base in southern Turkey last week.

Turkey has been criticized in the past for turning a blind eye to the hundreds of Western foreign fighters who have passed through its border to join ISIS. 

Ankara’s main focus has been the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Since declaring a war on ISIS late last month, Turkey has mainly been targeting PKK bases in northern Iraq and in Turkey’s own Kurdish regions.


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Hoshyar Zaxoy | 19/8/2015
At last something good comes out of Daesh
Azad H.- USA | 19/8/2015
This is all a joke... ISIS is Ardogan babies...
ISIS = PKK | 19/8/2015
ISIS attacks Turkey, PKK attacks Turkey. ISIS does suicide bombings, PKK does suicide bombings. I cant understand how anyone can ask us to treat these groups differently.
Erdinger | 19/8/2015
Turkey now is haunted by the ghosts that Erdogan called. He fed the beast - now his people will have to pay the price
behdad | 19/8/2015
Just focus on how this goofhead put the presure on the pkk when he sais that erdogan wasn't killing kurds properly ... If turkey dis the quarter of what it dis to kurds he would give his speech without a limb. For turks zven if they are islamists; they still focus on kurds all the time KICK TURKEY OUT OF NATO

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@Kirkosian4never you just sit behind your keyboard and eat your own shit.
Circassian 4Ever | 7/29/2016 3:15:41 AM
@Ardalan -- Your Supreme Leader is dying...thank God he won't be alive to see the next revolution in Iran. May he rot in Hell next to Khomeini,...
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| 24/7/2016 | (16)
Kurdo | 7/28/2016 12:06:34 PM
In the savage Islam, having 4 wives is moral, beating them is moral, considering women inferior is moral, stoning them to death is moral, having sex...
Circassian 4Ever | 7/29/2016 3:02:42 AM
This is another reason for regime change in Iran.
150 party-goers detained in Iran in crackdown on immoral behavior
| yesterday at 10:55 | (4)
Circassian 4Ever | 7/28/2016 11:18:48 PM
The PKK should impose a unilateral ceasefire and cross the border into Iran. They can help the Kurds of Rojhelat send IRGC soldiers home in coffins.
Hejar | 7/29/2016 2:02:28 AM
Of course PKK has more accurate numbers. The dots are not hard to connect. In this article it is clearly stated there are 5000 freedom fighters...
PKK releases figures of guerrilla-army casualties
| yesterday at 08:09 | (7)
GERBERT D'AURILLAC | 7/28/2016 11:43:55 PM
I have,actually,little to add to this excelent piece and that valuable comment made by PRE-BOOMER MARINE BRAT.I am almost certain that it was Obama...
Karwan Zaro | 7/29/2016 1:16:48 AM
Deception is Erdogans weapon of mass-destruction, who could teach better than the "prophet" Muhammad.
And Now the Counter-Coup
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