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Paul | 8/28/2014 12:09:07 AM
Ideally, politicans should be disagree on topics such as education policy, health policy, economic development, trade and social security. And they...
aNgrYbiRd | 8/28/2014 2:25:57 AM
If you say anything bad about the PUK and PKK Rudaw will happily publish. If you say anything negative about the KDP Rudaw will happily censor....
Experts Pessimistic About Iraq Future
| 16 hours ago | (13)
Y.Barzan | 8/28/2014 1:06:45 AM
It is so crazy and stupid tell to PKK that they and Iran lead to ISIS attack to Shingal.I am hate from IRAN government. This opinion is said in a...
PirMam | 8/28/2014 2:21:49 AM
There are so many PDK thugs lurking around and attacking other Kurds with fake accusations on this site, unbelievable! Don't you have better things...
Op-Ed: Iran Overestimated Role in IS Fight
| 26/8/2014 | (16)
korosh | 8/28/2014 1:35:08 AM
All Iranians helped Kurdish refugees. This man lies when he says no one but Kurds cared. the relationship between various Iranian groups Persians...
Omid | 8/28/2014 2:10:10 AM
Mr.Kaabi is a bloody terrorist who has participated in killing of thousand innocent Iranian people including his Kurds brothers and sisters. I am...
Iran’s Komala Party: Erbil and Tehran’s Interests are Never the Same
| 16 hours ago | (7)
Gary | 8/27/2014 2:53:01 PM
If I was a young man again ,I would be there fighting right along side the Peshmerga to help eradicate this scum IS. The Kurds should consider hiring...
kurd kurd | 8/28/2014 1:34:14 AM
the proud the few the kurd, may god protect all kurds from the evil of mislead of Islamic nonsense , please all kurds unit against our enemies.
Lebanese Kurds Volunteering to Fight IS
| 19 hours ago | (4)


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