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Erdogan tells US to choose between Turkey and Rojava

By Rudaw 8/2/2016
US special envoy to the anti-ISIS coalition Brett McGurk with YPG leaders in Kobani. Photo: CBS
US special envoy to the anti-ISIS coalition Brett McGurk with YPG leaders in Kobani. Photo: CBS

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his fury at a recent visit made by America's special envoy to the anti-ISIS coalition Brett McGurk to Kobani, asking how Ankara could trust Washington again.

"He [McGurk] visits Kobani at the time of the Geneva talks and is awarded a plaque by a so-called YPG [Syrian Kurdish Peoples Protection Units] general?" Erdogan said, according to AFP, while returning from a visit to Latin America on Sunday. 

"How can we trust [you]?" he asked of the Americans rhetorically. 

"Is it me who is your partner or the terrorists in Kobani?" he added angrily. 

"Do you accept the PKK as a terrorist organization? Then why don't you list the PYD and the YPG as a terrorist organizations, too?" he added. 

Turkey views the YPG, and the group’s political wing the Democratic Union Party (PYD), as little more than the Syrian wing of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). 

The YPG have been the foremost US ally on the ground in the fight against ISIS in Syria. They began ad-hoc coordination during the siege of Kobani by ISIS militants.

Since then US-led air power has assisted them on offensives against ISIS and even helped them close off all of Syria's northeastern frontier with Turkey (by expanding through the border-city of Gire Spi last summer) much to Ankara's consternation. 


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Domluce | 8/2/2016
Please US choose Rojava. Don't choose the double headed snake Erdogan. Like a snake it will bite you.
European | 8/2/2016
Erdogan wants Turkish Germans in Germany to choose Turkey and him or Germany. Erdogan wants European Turks to choose Turkey and him or Europe Erdogan is threatening and trying to manipulate the US and trying to pressure them with his meddling in a neighbour country. Erdogan says "Choose me Erdogan or those YPG terrorists in Kobani, So in other words Erdogan is ISIS and supported the murder of thousands of Kobani residents. Erdogan compares his future constitutional government changes to Hitlers government, thus himself to Hitler. Erdogan accuses Russia, Kurds, Israel of human rights abuses. Now Erdogan tries to pretend he is Israels friend. Erdogan is going to invade Rojava and is seen preparing for it because his ISIS sponsored friends are losing. Erdogan is begging NATO & the USA & Europe to support him using the refugee exodus as a blackmailing tool. The world has to choose common sense or this lunatic. Erdogan is NOT Turkey. Erdogan is just Erdogan a sick dictator and mass murdering criminal. Ps I am not a Kurd or Russian or Armenian. I am not anti Turkish but just don't like insane murdering dictators.
goondoo | 8/2/2016
Choose the real one who fight terrorists, that is the Kurds !!! Don't choose enemy within who keep aupporting isis
Tolhildan | 8/2/2016
Bloodthirsty Kerdogan dictator your time is running down! You little subhuman martyred 60 civilians in Cizîr yesterday. But don't forget in one month the time of revenge has come. The nightmare of the evil T*rks will become true. The YPS in the cities will unite with the gerillas of the mountains. Hundreds, thousands of barbaric T*rk soldiers will die! The t*rkish colonialism in northern Kurdistan will end and the blood of our martyrs will not lay on ground. I hope god will punish these murderous mongolic hordes in the same way he did with the Arabs in Iraq and Syria.
Hersh | 8/2/2016
This guy is worse than Assad, "is it ME who's your partner or the terrorists?" Turkey has become "me" , by the time Turks wake up it will be too late.

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