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Source: Syrian Regime Held Talks With Kurdish Groups in Qamishli

By RUDAW 10/7/2013
Anti-Syrian regime Kurdish protesters holding an effigy of Syrian President Bashar Assad as they wave their Kurdish flag during a demonstration called the
Anti-Syrian regime Kurdish protesters holding an effigy of Syrian President Bashar Assad as they wave their Kurdish flag during a demonstration called the "Friday of Russia is the enemy of Syrian people," at the northeastern town of Amuda, June 2012. Photo: AP

By Hemin Khoshnaw

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Syria’s embattled President Bashar al-Assad last month sent a three-man delegation to Qamishli for negotiations with Kurdish political parties “to resolve the Kurdish issue,” a knowledgeable source said.

“A three-man delegation from the Syrian regime, led by Muhammad Khair Osi, a Kurd with close ties to President Bashar al-Assad, met with the Kurdish parties in Qamishli last month,” the source, a Syrian Kurdish politician, told Rudaw on condition of anonymity.

“The delegation delivered a message from President Assad to the Kurdish officials regarding his desire to start negotiation and resolve the Kurdish issue,” he added.

According to him, all Kurdish parties but one have welcomed the Syrian initiative. He did not name the opposing party, but said that it wants a consensus among Kurdish leaders before talking to Damascus.

But Abdulsalam Ahmad, co-chair of the People's Council of Western Kurdistan denied any talks having taken place with the Syrian regime.

“We didn’t meet with the regime nor did the other Kurdish political parties meet as far as I know,” Ahmad said.

He added that leaders of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) – which is affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and has been accused by critics of maintaining secret links with Damascus -- had rejected the negotiation offer by the regime.

According to Ahmad, the Syrian delegation’s main condition was that Kurdish groups should declare openly their talks with the Assad regime.

It is believed that the Syrian regime hopes to use peace talks with the Kurds and its limited military success against the Arab rebels as a trump card in the proposed Geneva Conference.

There has been no clarity over whether that conference, to end more than two years of civil war that has killed an estimated 100,000 people, will go ahead.

Ahmad said that as the second-largest population in Syria, the Kurds have every right to look out for their best interests.

“We have no problem holding talks with the regime whenever the Kurdish movement decides such a step is in the best interest of the Syrian Kurds,” he said.

Ahmad says that the Kurds stand neutral in the war between Damascus and the Syrian rebels.

“It makes no difference for the Kurds whether they negotiate with the opposition or with the regime,” he said. “The regime has not yet lost legitimacy in the international community and it still controls most of Syria. It has embassies in dozens of countries and is still a member of the UN.”  

While denying that the KNC had approached the regime with a negotiation proposal first, Faisal Yousif, a KNC member, said negotiating with the Assad regime alone might not solve the Kurdish issue.

“According to the KNC protocols, we are part of the revolution,” he said. “We support peaceful solutions for the current crisis, but the Kurdish issue cannot be resolved by holding negotiations with the regime alone.” 


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PDK Youth | 10/7/2013
Look to this dirty Assad regime, before the civil war started, they not even recognized Kurds as people, they dont even gave Kurds basic rights, they tortured and massacred Kurds and now just because of the war this bastards want to negotiate with the Kurds. I hate this Baathist racists, they will all burn in hell.
KURDEWARÎ | 11/7/2013
Erê PDK youth Assad KDP'gibi götünü americaya satmadi. Sizin saaf milliyetçiniz amina goyim. Reelpolitikanin adina kurdistani irana ve Fetullah gülen satiyorlar sonra bize utanmadan kemalist diyorlar.
guest | 11/7/2013
Barzani should send peshmerga troops into Syrian Kurdistan as an enhanced buffer against both FSA jihadists and the Assad government. Thus, the Kurds' negotiating position will be stronger if they already have their autonomous territory carved out in advance.
Amed | 11/7/2013
This KURDEWARÎ talks Turkish, he defended Assad Kemalists and the PKK and insults our President Barzani. Assad is a dirty Baathist tyrant like Saddam. He deserves to die in the worst way and I think Assad and his wife will be raped by rebells :)
Colemêrg | 11/7/2013
Amed is not true. He doesn't defend kemalizm. You are a liar.
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michelle | 7/4/2015 2:08:20 PM
Let's hope KRG will lift the sanction they impose on rojava as well and they really go there on their own will, not on Turkish order..
Shwan | 7/4/2015 8:14:53 PM
I hope KRG do that, not just talk and I hope they don't bow to Turkey's pressure as the Turk do their best to support their cruel Islamic dogs ISIS...
KRG mulls impact of sending Peshmerga to Rojava
| yesterday at 02:17 | (26)
kurdsupporter | 7/4/2015 8:00:55 PM
Is this not what Islam teaches? it is the Islamic State, as Islam is the religion of child abduxtion, child rape, beheadings, torture, death, hate...
Simple truth | 7/4/2015 8:01:35 PM
Peshmerga is muslim, isis is khawarij
Govt: ISIS commits four million human rights violations in Iraq
| 12 hours ago | (3)
Very Soon | 7/4/2015 12:50:29 AM
Dont worry Mr.Valid Abdurahman, OUR PESHMERGA WILL SOON BE DRIVING THROUGH KOBANI, QAMISLO, GIRI SPI .... We will bring peace, justice and real...
Biji Kurdistan | 7/4/2015 7:53:38 PM
PKK does this ALL the time, the day will come when they are held accountable for their abuses of Kurd. KURDISTAN DESERVES BETTER THEN THESE ATHEIST...
Syrian Kurd self-immolates after son recruited by PKK
| 1/7/2015 | (71)
Enjoy Ramadan :D | 7/4/2015 10:46:06 AM
Strike them at their neck! That's what their savage God and savage "prophet " encouraged their followers to do. And this is exactly what isis does.
Kobani still stands | 7/4/2015 7:41:19 PM
The khawarij who committed murder will burn in the lowest levels of Hell. Islam states that the khawarij terrorists are the worst of the people and...
VIDEO: Survivors recount 'Massacre at Dawn' in Kobani
| yesterday at 05:31 | (3)
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