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ISIS blows up Catholic church in Mosul

By Rudaw 26/12/2014
ISIS picture of the demolition of a Shiite mosque in Tal Afar.
ISIS picture of the demolition of a Shiite mosque in Tal Afar.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—Islamic State (ISIS) militants blew up a Catholic church in the al-Arabi district of Mosul on Friday, a Pastor told Rudaw.

“Members of the extremist organization (ISIS) cleared the Church of Virgin Mary of its contents in al-Arabi area, north of Mosul and blew it up after few hours,” said Pastor Behnam Raad.

Local sources said that the militants had sealed off the church and planted the bombs on Thursday.

The majority of Mosul’s Christian population fled the city when ISIS took over in June. The group has since demolished a number of Christian, Shiite and Yezidi shrines in and around Mosul among them the ancient shrine of Jonah (Nabi Yunus). 


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KPatriot | 26/12/2014
Assyrian | 26/12/2014
Kurds are evil. They wanted that.
Kurdish Patriot | 26/12/2014
Shame on these terrorist ISIS/ extreme Muslims!! They are the cause of all of our problems who want to spread their evil ideology upon us!!! They are everywhere, in our mosques, on TV, Internet, I every media sources as well as on the battlefields. They are clearly backed by countries who support them and pretend to be fighting against them to avoid suspicion. It very upsetting that whilst Kurds want to protect and preserve Christians, Yezidis, these scums simply want to destroy everything they have. This is utterly unforgivable behaviour. History cannot be erased or forgotten!! We will not be lied to by any media, as we will always remember what really took place in Iraq and Syria.
kurt basar | 26/12/2014
It is very barbaric and sad, the president of the Turkish Republic, the Ker- Erdogan who is staunch Supporter of ISIS and his Middle Eastern allay's as well as the Muslim brotherhood must be very happy for this bombing. And they are calling the Muslim religion is the religion of the peace, with their beheading's, raping's, killings and bombings of the other peoples holly shrines and Churches, can you imagine that? god help the Kurd's who are fighting against this savages for to protect all the minorities and freedom
ܣܗܕܐ ܝܘܢܢ
ܣܗܕܐ ܝܘܢܢ | 26/12/2014
Some of those churches were thousands of years old; now they're gone. When will the 1400 years of oppression by the "Religion of the Prophet" end?

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Allan | 8/29/2016 8:48:29 PM
This is a shame for the west and usa for not protecting ypg, how can u have Turkey protecting these scums who are isil? How can Russia be such...
HATE TURKEY | 8/30/2016 12:01:01 AM
I feel so sorry for the Kurds. They r the only honest people there.
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dutchnational | 8/29/2016 10:19:18 PM
In a way the SAA has been providing the YPG with arms. Everytime they ran away fron IS in Hasakah, surrendered to YPG in Hasakah, the YPG gained arms...
YGP puppet of Assad | 8/29/2016 11:59:07 PM
This is a clear admission that PYD and YGP are working for Assad who in turn used them to harass turkey. now i it is clear why turkey has taken ...
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Roj | 8/29/2016 10:15:39 PM
I think Turkey has bitten more than it can swallow by invading Syria. Pretty soon most Arabs will turn their guns on the Turks. After all it is Syria...
HATE TURKEY | 8/29/2016 11:47:00 PM
who in the hell does turkey think they r. Come on NATO tell turkey to get out now.
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dutchnational | 8/29/2016 10:14:52 PM
German government cannot distance itself from parliament as it is parliament that is the boss, unlike Turkey which does not have a free and ruling...
Dima | 8/29/2016 11:20:44 PM
All the more room for when the Sukhois and Tupolevs start to arrive..
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