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American ISIS member mistakenly walks into Peshmerga hands on way to Turkey

By Nehro Muhammad 14/3/2016

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The Kurdish Peshmerga captured an American member of the Islamic State (ISIS) on the Shingal front on Monday, said a local commander.

Muhammad Jamal Amin is a Virginia-born American citizen of a Palestinian father and Iraqi mother from Mosul.

According to the Peshmerga commander of the Shingal front who didn’t want to be named, the ISIS militant had mistaken the Peshmerga territory for the Turkish border.

The commander said that Amin had entered Syria from Turkey two months ago from where he had traveled to Mosul.

On his way back to Turkey he had mistakenly walked into the Peshmerga hands.

The Peshmerga commander said that a number of cell phones, some money and ID cards were seized from the militant.

The Peshmerga fired on him before he reached their base and later detained him.


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K | 14/3/2016
This is an obvious proof that Turkey is responsible for creation ISIS and facilitating free movement of ISIS in and out of Turkey. The question is what the EU countries will do about that? Perhaps a few billion more dollars and supply for weapon to Turkey to bomb the Peshmerga for spoiling the game for Turkey won't be too bad! will it?
Me | 14/3/2016
"This is proof.."? THIS? and what about all the other information we heard from Turkey? The oil-businesses with ISIS? The shelling of syrian villages from Turkey? The delivery of weapons to ISIS? But... honestly... all these points you can also apply to the US. It is not Russia, who is a threat to global peace - it is the super-riches sitting in the US. Those bastards that control the money-market... And: you also could apply all of that to EU as well... here in Europe, especially in Germany, the market for the "asylum-industrie" has a net worth of round about 140 BILLION Euros. All those politicians who want to have all the migrants to be cared for stand behind that industrial sector, are sitting in management-boards or simply own their own businesses... they get, from the government, 40€ per day per migrant.. they are making money with the "doom" of these poor people. So... are these politicians working together with ISIS? I don't know... but as all this information is not public, although the money is coming from tax-money, i call this: undemocratic, illegal, and ISIS-friendly. Ergo: ISIS clearly is a creation of the "western world" and has nothing to do with Islam (i am an atheist). And for these reasons i feel personally insulted and sold by the european politicians.
Biji Kurdistan | 14/3/2016
For those who think Turkey doesn't support ISIS, should ask themselves why Daesh terrorists feel so much safer in Turkish territory than in the areas where they fly their flag in Syria and Iraq.
Forked tongue | 14/3/2016
Water-board the bastard and after getting whatever information from him - shoot him.
I promote Truth | 14/3/2016
@K Turkey never bombs Peshmerga, they bomb PKK in Turkey and Qandil Mountains. besides Turkey is training Peshmerga in their military bases in KRG. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
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pre-Boomer Marine brat | 10/27/2016 3:59:10 PM
In the photo, notice which finger Obama has on his forehead. That is a VERY-long-running gesture with him. ... True, the photo was probably pulled...
Peter | 10/27/2016 8:49:45 PM
so the truth finally comes out obama and erdrogan hand in hand working together against turkeys kurdistan region and plotting to keep iraqi kurds...
Obama discusses ISIS war in Iraq and Syria with Turkish president
| 16 hours ago | (5)
Vietnamese Boy | 10/27/2016 8:13:39 PM
I wish you guys come help my country Vietnam. We got bastard Vietcong worst than ISIS .. ISIS is Vietcong students, Vietcong is the worst terrorists...
freedom | 10/27/2016 8:40:12 PM
biji peshmerge from France
Liberated villagers greet Peshmerga with tears, shouts of joy
| 9 hours ago | (2)
LandIsNotFree | 10/27/2016 5:25:25 PM
With all the expenses you are making, your soldiers fighting, and then declaring that 'any where Kurds liberate, we will keep', you are essentially...
OPTIMIST | 10/27/2016 8:11:47 PM
look people a turkey in total chaos is not in benefits of kurds. turkey is not syria or iraq. weather we like it or not osmani turks and kurds have...
PM says problems with Baghdad hamper war with ISIS, appeals for outside help
| yesterday at 07:55 | (6)
Jouni, Tampere, Finland | 10/27/2016 6:41:34 PM
"Turkey labels anyone who is pro-Kurd as ‘terrorist,’ Kurdish MP complains." I'm an ethnic Finn and pro-Kurd since 1980's. I never buy any Turkish...
Cruncher | 10/27/2016 7:56:03 PM
I must be a terrorist too. However kurds themselves make it hard for themselves. I saw a stupid comment yesterday from a supposed kurd that 16 Greek...
Turkey labels anyone who is pro-Kurd as ‘terrorist,’ Kurdish MP complains
| 13 hours ago | (6)

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