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Obama’s Speech: The Kurds Win Where Maliki Failed

By Ako Mohammed 8/8/2014

Several hours ago US President Barack Obama delivered a speech about the situation in Iraq, particularly the plight of the Yezidi Kurds stranded on Mount Shingal for nearly a week.

He said that Washington would act to prevent a genocide by the terrorist Islamic State (IS/ISIS) against innocent Yezidi women and children. And he said that the American air force would conduct air strikes against any IS advance towards the Kurdistan Region, where US diplomats, civilians and military advisors are based.

In Obama’s speech the efforts of the Kurdish president and prime minister to win international support for the Kurds against IS bore fruit, giving Kurdistan a diplomatic boost.

Obama’s speech and his authorization of air strikes against the Islamist group will boost global backing for the Kurds against the expansionist and murderous group.

The Kurdish leadership achieved a great success in winning allies against IS, something Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki could not do, despite all his efforts.

The liberation of the Kurdistan Region was also achieved by the international reaction to the crimes of Saddam Hussein against the Kurds in 1991. Later on, by pursuing a careful policy Erbil managed to win regional and international recognition.

The Kurds themselves struggled hard, sacrificed and did what they could. But they needed world support, and they still do.

Obama’s speech and the promise of air superiority in the fight mean that Kurdistan will win the war against the Islamic State. And with that support the Peshmerga forces and Kurdish diplomacy will save the entire region from the threat of this extremist group.




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Muraz Adzhoev | 8/8/2014
What president Obama expects to see and to get in return for his air strike support of the Kurdistan autonomous region's army in its fierce fight against ISIS well armed and financed terrorist forces backed and directed by the well known Sunni monarchies? What will be the price for the people of Southern Kurdistan? Does Mr. Obama still suggest to implement the unreasonable and the impossible integration of the territorially, socially and humanitarially limited democratic and developing Kurdistan Autonomous Region into the already failed and dead federative Iraqi islamic Arab state? Despite the answer from the US administration, the president of the KAR should firmly declare independence and full scale integrity of Southern Kurdistan and fix the date of the referendum on its sovereign statehood. It is necessary to be done as soon as possible not only in the just political and legal interests of the Kurdish people, but also in favor of global and regional peace, security, stability, development, co-operation and mutually advantageous co-existence. The official recognition of the independent and sovereign Southern Kurdistan will mark the global victory of justice, morality and the international law as a whole. Declaration-Referendum-Recognition! The international community, the main and most responsible state powers, in particular those that form the permanent part of the SC of UN organization, have the historical chance to improve and change the global political and economic situation for much more better in long term perspective for all nations and countries.
ondrej h | 8/8/2014
"American air force would conduct air strikes against any IS advance towards the Kurdistan Region, where US diplomats, civilians and military advisors are based." As I understand it, he said specifically Erbil, not "Kurdistan region"...
TheWiseOne | 8/8/2014
We thank America for extending a supporting hand in this time of need........ with that being said, this should've never happened. The Peshmerga's fame and glorious past is in shambles, they've lost respect throughout the international media. The Kurds in Rojava...fought off multiple attacks from numerous directions against ISIS alone, without any help...yet our Peshmerga's have better weapons, better pay, better equipment and still got over ran. The Sinjar tragedy will be a scar on Peshmerga for eternity. Unity is all we needed.......and yet for the past 10 years PDK and PUK have failed to organize their militia's into a single army........YPG is a single force but because of their unity they defeat a far superior force......the same force that dealt a heavey blow against Peshmerga's moral and image. This defeat at the hand of Daesh should be a wakeup call for the Kurdish leadership. After this disaster they have to fix this broken armed force. According to most figures, Peshmerga number around 200,000 soldiers........but they actually have close to 30,000 to 40,000 soldiers in uniform...........the rest are ghost soldiers who get paid but their superiors steal the money......or some of them are listed as Peshmerga's and they're just setting at home and getting paid. Case in dad was a peshmerga back in the day, he has a friend from Kirkuk who is a Peshmerga whose brother is listed as Peshmerga dereenakan....he gets paid.....and he has never fired a single bullet in his life...he can't even handle a rifle because he is missing 3 fingers on his hand...he's setting in Binsalawa.....getting paid every month. Corrupting, party favors have destroyed peshmerga's image. If we had a couple generals like Mama Reesha ISIS would've never ever taken Sinjar and Zumar. I'm pretty pissed off right now.
Admin | 8/8/2014
So Kurdish lives count for more than ordinary Iraqi's? Obama has just demonstrated his personal and nation's hypocricy!! He has attached political conditions to acting in support of Baghdad and plays politics with innocent lives.
Karwan | 8/8/2014
Karwan from UK. With all my respect to what you try to induce form what have been reiterated on in President Obama's speech, but it would be better for your own credibility as a writer and your host media website English as an international media services to mirror a clear image throughout your analysis and keep away from misleading prognosis and false optimism upbuilding i.e. exact terminology, elements of the statement, decision's backdrope and purpose then the context in which this help would presented. Obama clearly confirmed two limits, first that US would conduct limited and targeted airstrikes against ISIS when the latter attempts to harm US interests, staff, troops, embassy and consulate in Iraq, in other words if ISIS try to attack Erbil or Baghdad just! so no where else throughout Iraq. Second and lastly on humanitarian aid to the trapped Yezidies in surrounding mountains of Sinjar. For the assist to military forces, Obama made himself clear that it would be just in the context of united Iraq alongside the defragmentation process of Iraq there would be assistance to Iraqi Army and "Kurdish Forces" to fight against ISIS; no US assistance if there is no Iraq unity and reconciliation guaranteed and Obama emphasised particularly on political process to be directed toward integrity and unity otherwise, with separatism intent nothing could be expected to "Kurdish Forces"! I wish everyone listen carefully to what US president has said and made the perception right upon that no more or less as false optimism could not be of help rather than a ground to bigger disappointment as it happened in 1974, 1991 and 1996. To whom where interested in this plaese look at Obama's speech on
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1 isisis is addicted to violent sex 2 is is addicted to religion 3 isis addicted to drugs 4 isis is addicted to power 5 isis is afraid of losing...
Juan | 5/29/2015 1:58:13 PM
I see a few individuals are insulted that this story has been shared and interpret it as some kind of 'attack' on the Ezidi's, which is ridiculous....
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Yasie | 5/29/2015 11:56:48 AM
Love this Chai!!
leheng | 5/29/2015 1:43:49 PM
ISIS supporter turkish flags didn't fit the scene...
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albakr | 5/29/2015 1:08:04 PM
This is certainly untrue. I am a Sunni muslim and see that Shiite fighters working hard to fight against the terrorists. I am quite sure that all of...
Muraz Adzhoev | 5/29/2015 1:42:43 PM
Only the international peacekeeping forces and committee of the UN SC should and could provide conditions for self-determination of the people, in...
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AkarHawler | 5/29/2015 10:13:35 AM
If they asked nicely to get some food, kurds will always help civillians no matter what religion or ethnic you are. But using threat toon kurds to...
Muraz Adzhoev | 5/29/2015 1:08:21 PM
If Qamishlu really "is under the administration of Jazeera canton", then where were those democratically self-ruling authorities? Is not it the...
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